Well here we are friends and family. Bags are packed (mostly) and all that’s left to do is clean up the rest of everything. It’s been a riot running the gauntlet of parties, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people back home. I’ll miss you all immensely.

So here’s my schedule:
7/26 Show up for Pre-Departure Orientation
7/27 Go to Japan (whooaaa)
7/28 Get to Japan to participate in celebratory shenanigans and probably get lost somewhere
7/29 Tokyo Orientation (Maybe they’ll tell me stuff about what I’m going to be doing)
7/30 Tokyo Orientation (All the stuff they forgot the first day)
7/31 Going to Kyoto, but not very slow-to (See big bird). This will be the second dream accomplished on this trip so far, because of bullet trains. (the first being going to Japan)
8/1 I have no clue. Shopping? I’ll have my apartment by this point if things go close to not-terribly. Maybe I’ll try to make some Japanese pancakes or something.

Really it’s a bit like jumping into an ocean that you’ve spent years looking at and thinking ‘neato’, regardless of whether or not there are razor sharp rocks at the bottom waiting to meet you because hey, when else are you going to get a chance? Anywho, I’m excited for this opportunity as I’m sure I’ve drilled into everyone’s brain by now, and I can only imagine my excitement will increase tenfold when I get out there.

So gird your loins my friends, we’re in for the adventure of a lifetime.

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