The Last Morning of America

G’morning everybody! So today is the day, Jets to Japan. All I really have to say right now is HOLY CRAP. In standard matt fashion I have of course saluted my last night in this wonderful country with some of my favorite beers whilst socializing amongst international vagabonds such as myself…what a grand ol’ time. Last night’s menu included Lil sumpim sumpin, dogfishead 90 minute, and Deschutes chainbreaker, oh America.

As some of you may have been aware, yesterday was my pre-departure orientation, which was pretty much strictly business. We got our travel visas, luggage tags, flight information, schedule for today, a lovely story about how crazy the food in Japan is, and some inspiring words about our upcoming experience. Turns out I’m like…the only person ever who hasn’t been to Japan.

After that, we had a lovely dinner reception and heard some words from the head of the Chicago Consulate, which was nice (he had a great speech). Food on that menu (thankfully) was meatballs, chicken, green beans, and mostaccioli. After that, it was off to our rooms, followed by some bar time, which was usurped by cheaper alcohol at the local liquor store and circle of death in another JET’s room. America.

On a serious note; goodbyes are hard. Really hard. I had some really rough ones yesterday and the only way I’m really coping with it is by having 8 billion distractions and things I can’t forget. Thankfully they keep you nice and busy here. I want you all to know that I miss you and love you. So I guess I’ll update you all from the land of the rising sun eh?



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