Hi Tokyo

Good Morning from Shinjuku (in Tokyo)! It’s a lovely mix of hot and humid here, but hotel air conditioning seems to work just as well in Japan as it does in America, go air conditioning!

Last night we arrived in Japan around 4:30pm local time at Narita Airport. After about an hour of lines for customs and baggage claim, we followed a bright green-shirted trail of current JET’s (Japan Exchange Teachers) to the buses set up to shuttle us to our hotel in Tokyo. At this point, all my checked baggage is en route to Kyoto-shi, where my board of education hopefully decides to hold it for me until I get there.

Turns out from the airport it was about an hour and half long trip to the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo where we are staying. I got to ride in my first Japanese traffic jam, which was a lovely reminder of home. On the bus we filled out our insurance forms and got our itinerary for the next few days of Tokyo orientation.

After a painless check-in at the hotel, I headed out with a couple friends to a little shopping area just a few blocks from our hotel, food was a must. So after debating going to McDonald’s (I wasn’t feeling all that great after the last airline meal) I joined my friends Cassie and Josh at some small fast food curry place. So…first meal of Japan; Chicken Cutlet with Rice and Curry (mild curry of course).

After some aimless wandering around in Shinjuku, and failing miserably at finding a cell phone company that has windows phones, I decided to cash in and head back to the hotel (I ended up sleeping around 10:30-11:00pm Japan Time).

So here I am, first full day of Japan, rocking some suspenders (America) and a crazy tie (also America) and ready to take on the world. Breakfast (Asagohan as the locals call it) was a delicious mix of eggs, bacon, sausage, veggy omelettes, assorted other veggies, fruits, salad, and so on…yum. I figured I would get a quick post in before heading down to orientation, which begins in about 15 minutes…

Pictures will probably have to wait a bit as far as this blog is concerned, but I will put a few up on Facebook when I get a chance.

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