Well, today is fun..

We’re back for another post!

No matter how boring life gets, the story of Matt in Japanland must go on! Unfortunately, there are no exciting new stories of nifty strangers I’ve met whilst adventuring. No wild nights, exquisite cuisines, or groundbreaking discoveries. Instead, I shall bring you
to a land of grey horizons, where the once mighty rays of the sun called adventure no longer shine. All the new things I have grown to love here have suffered through a two week long hiatus known as the ‘NOMONEYPOCALYPSE’. Of doom, and despair. By now, you probably get the point.

Know that all of my suffering that I am about to lament over is a product of my own poor financial decisions, and that I deserve all of the blame for the tragedy that has befallen me. Indeed, I am the engineer of my own monetary destruction. If I had simply followed the rules laid down in my excel budget spreadsheets, I would never have reached this point. I’ve spent the last two weeks eating rice, rice, and more rice. With a total food budget of about 25 dollars (for the two weeks), I’ve experienced the cheap side of Japanese cuisine.

So, what’s the absolute cheapest meal I can eat save bread? Curry. Curry and rice. You may know I’ve never liked curry the way others do, and honestly, just the smell had always been enough to give me pause. But here I can buy sweet (non spicy) curry for only 88 yen!!! I didn’t really have much of a choice when you think about it. So 88 yen curry courtesy of 7/11 has been my lifeblood. Cheapest lunch a guy could ask for in my position. And guess what?! I actually like it. I like the taste of this curry. It’s the strangest thing. I’m totally full and satisfied after half a cup of rice and a convenience store bag of curry. Trying to expand my palate is working.. This new commitment’s bringing me to places where I can finally experience all the new flavors I’ve suppressed the urge to try for so long. It’s what my parent’s always hoped I’d be like as a kid! (Sorry guys)

I’m talking too much about curry… It’s such a system shock to me. Anyways, budgeting out two weeks on 25 bucks took much more thinking that you’d expect. The curry lunches alone took up about twelve dollars of my fortune, which left me an incredible collection of 13 dollars to make the rest of the meals a thing. So breakfast was either cereal or a piece of toast, lunch was the curry, and dinner (you won’t believe this) was actually pizza. Pizza. PIZZA. That’s right, I survived the nomoneypocalypse making budget pizzas. I wouldn’t have, in my wildest dreams, suspected that making pizza would be one of the cheapest food sources available to me… I can get enough cheese for about eight pizzas off of three dollars, and a combination of pizza squeeze and various breads make it happen. (this pizza squeeze from Jeff and Heather was a lifesaver). I basically dipped into all of my emergency food reserves, scrounging food from every hiding place I didn’t know existed. Mystery kit kat flavors? Eaten. Leftover pancake mix? Eaten. Pasta and Ramen? Eaten. Any and everything has been devoured dear readers, and all that remains is the soba from Nagano that I haven’t tried cooking yet. Other than that (which is dinner tonight) my kitchen is pretty much a wasteland. Needless to say, this weekend I’ll definitely be that guy at the yakiniku (korean BBQ) place who eats infinitely more than humanly possible.

I can’t wait for dinner tomorrow, I just want you all to know that. CAN’T. WAIT. I’m literally going to go to the grocery store and buy just about anything I can fit in my basket, and I will feast like a king. Meat my friends, delightful, freshly cooked, joyous meat. I really wanna change the subject now (I might die thinking about this). BTW, if you’re still reading, way to hang in there. You can probably tell that I’m a bit hungry at the moment, and the subject matter has gotten a bit stale (ha…like stale chips…food…) Right, done boring you with my food longings. I don’t really have anything else that I can think of other than food at this point, so instead of writing about how hungry I am, I’m going to eat lunch and continue this not very exciting story only after I’ve stopped obsessing over food. That way I’m not going to have to worry about how bored you probably are, AND I will no long be starving, the thought of which brings a warm feeling to my heart. Side note, whatever everyone is eating for kyushoku (school lunch) today smells incredibly delicious (ugh, I really gotta eat now [also, why am I writing all of this out?]) Right, time to go to the microwave at the other end of the room, and use it to make my delicious beef curry warm enough to eat. I’LL BE BACK DEAR READERS!

You will be happy to know that this blog post will begin to start making sense again. I have eaten, lesson planned, relaxed, and now understand what I’m supposed to be doing for the rest of the week… Oh frabjous day!!! I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I actually never got my schedule for this week due to an administrative memory error. As a result I have no classes today and tomorrow, so I’m gonna take time to make what will probably be the most badass game of jeopardy these kids will ever play. Ideally this new game will give them a chance to practice new grammar points and learn a bit about the world. I’m pretty excited about this lesson. Either way, you should know that it’s going to be awesome…That’s the take home message here.

Up until now I’ve neglected to comment on upcoming plans in my blogs. I’ve always written stuff about what I’ve already done so far, never what I intend to do, so here’s to a new blog category: Plans. I’ll be wrapping January up with celebrations. This weekend I’m gonna be going out a couple times for dinner, and the following weekend will probably be birthday celebrations. It’ll be a good time to let myself bask in the joys of financial stability (obviously with intent to stay a bit more thrifty this month). Reading this post, I’m sure you know I don’t want another nomoneypocalypse. Feb. 7th I’m heading out to Hokkaido for Yuki Matsuri. I’ve already put money down on the hostel, and the plane ticket has been purchased, so that shouldn’t cost too much money (unlike Nagano). I’ve actually never been to any of the big festivals out here, and the one in Hokkaido is supposed to be a big deal, expect many pictures =D. I’m gonna have that sweet new camera I got for Christmas with me. The week after Hokkaido I might go to to Hadaka Matsuri, where you run around in a loincloth with 9000 other dudes in loinclothes drinking sake and brawling like monsters, all while the temperature is around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Should be an interesting story to say the least, hopefully I survive. That’ll probably wrap up February, and will most certainly bring me to the next payday (which I’ll be saving for the next set of visitors [excited]). I’ll probably have to desert my plans to have Kobe beef and shabu shabu once again, but that can wait until march’s visitors arrive in Kyoto.¬†Then again, you never know what will happen.

Never have I imagined that I would actually write this much in a blog post about nothing. Honestly, I surely wouldn’t have if I wasn’t gonna try to finish writing these damn song lyrics into the post. I’ve had to use quite a bit of strange phrasings that I normally wouldn’t make into sentences. Nevertheless (I ¬†always have this image of Luke Skywalker laying the law down on Jabba when I hear that word), you have still managed to get through the 1654 word essay full of my ramblings, and if I wasn’t stuck here at work doing nothing at all (/cry), I’d raise a drink to your name, because reading this entire block of ridiculous text is something to be proud of. In this world, never has such a useless string of information been presented for sane people to read, and I commend you all. When I get home, I’m gonna have a drink for you dear reader, in honor of your stoic resolve. Trudge on with me, as we finish this post off. I do not want to say adieu, but I fear that I must, for the day is almost done here at this magnificent Junior High School. Soon I will be bidding everyone goodbye, and going on my merry way.

Never forget what you’ve done here today, good champion of literary tolerance. You show the world as you read on, that you’re not gonna give into the distractions of real life when there is nonsensical essays to be read. You’re going to stare at the world outside and tell it to wait. “Wait!” you say to that outside world.

A small side note, I am incredibly bored right now, and I apologize for writing so many paragraphs that could so very easily be made to lie in a much smaller post. Honestly, I could have probably wrote ‘I ran out of money, so I sat around a lot and ate curry.’ But I didn’t, and despite this you’ve read the whole thing. Hopefully the next time that you and I see each other, you’ll have no intentions to go and hurt me physically as recompense. With that, dear readers, it is finally time for me to say goodbye, so have a fantastic day, and thank you for reading! Also, Ravea asked me to write ‘Ravea is the best black person ever’, so there’s that.


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  1. I’m so glad you survived! This was a really fun post to read btw. I mean… I’m not happy that you were starving, but you wrote about it in a really gripping way. BTW I miss you!

  2. Well thank you for the blog. Glad you intend to save a few yen so your next visitors, ME and ma, do not have to eat rice and curie. Thanks for your phone call advising your “not completely in tune but trying” father of the meme we should all be aware happens everyday.

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