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Hey guys, I’m Matt. Site is still under construction sooo…yep.


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  1. Hi Matt-
    I just thought of you since I see there are a lot of people (260,000!) being evacuated in the Kyoto area due to the typhoon. I hope it is not causing too much damage where you are. My FB friend posted that even the area around Kinkakuji is flooded. What a bummer. Hopefully the water will not damage it. More importantly, I hope everyone in the area is safe.

    We successfully made the move up here to the Green Bay area (Suamico) and now I have a lot of boxes to unpack. I really miss the neighborhood in GE.

    I haven’t had a chance to read all your entries but it looks like you’re having a blast. So many things to discover. I’ll check back again soon.

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